• Dave Stein

    "Richardson is different. It is a sophisticated, global organization with a unique, adaptable and structured approach to delivering a curriculum targeted to a company’s requirements."

  • Aberdeen Group

    To increase revenue, the #1 strategic action of 60% of firms surveyed is to create more meaningful dialogues that address buyers business needs.

  • Sirius Decisions

    “To sell to today’s buyer, sales must re-engineer the dialogue reps are having with their customers”

  • Gallup Organization

    “Top sales coaches achieve 56% higher customer loyalty, 38% higher productivity, and 50% lower employee turnover”

  • Harvard University

    “ Salespeople are more motivated when they progress and grow (it’s not all about the money)”

  • Bersin and Associates

    “Coaching has a 1.5 to 2x greater impact on business than pay for performance or performance assessments.”