Smart Choice Certification Best In Class Sales Training

Brandon Hall Group recognized Richardson as a Best-in-class sales training company

best in class sales training

Brandon Hall Group, a preeminent research and analyst organization, certified Richardson as a Best in Class sales training company through thier Smartchoice® Solution Provider program. 

The Smartchoice® Program is based on Brandon Hall Group's extensive analyst coverage of vendors and industry research findings.  Smartchoice, is a validation program that recognizes the best product and service providers offering solutions to learning, talent, sales and marketing functions. 

The Smartchoice® best in class for sales training certification methodology is an independent and rigorous evaluation process based on a series of client interviews focusing on four core areas:  

  • Client Support
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Functionality
  • Capability


Companies, which receive a superior rating in all four-focus areas, receive the Smartchoice® Program certification. By selecting a Smartchoice® provider, organizations looking to acquire products and/or services will be choosing from industry-leading providers who offer groundbreaking solutions to their unmet needs.

Brandon Hall Smart Choice for best in class sales training

“Richardson is not just an industry leading sales training provider,” said Michael Rochelle, chief strategy officer of Brandon Hall Group. “Richardson’s unique approach to improving performance is a testament to how all training should be developed and delivered.  Any organization that works with Richardson will benefit from their wisdom and prowess well beyond improving sales force effectiveness.”

Key findings identified by the Brandon Hall Group about Richardson in each category included the following:

Client Support:

  • Project Managers are very responsive and demonstrate a deep knowledge of the client’s needs
  • Great resources for best practices that can be easily distributed electronically
  • Online self-help tools are well designed and clients use them frequently
  • Solution implementation driven by a client centric-approach
  • Richardson is very supportive in customizing their programs to meet the client’s specific needs and cultural fit
  • Richardson is constantly looking for client feedback and tailoring their approach to ensure each client is achieving measurable success

Cost of Ownership

  • Very flexible in working with procurement and contracting process
  • Offers solutions to the client’s specific challenges
  • Richardson offers a number of programs to their clients and is helpful in working with their clients to arrive at the right program


  • Richardson provides a straight forward methodology and delivers it in an easy to understand step-by-step process
  • Training methodology is easy to follow and flexible – can be customized to relate to any audience through interactive activities such as role plays and workshops
  • Richardson offers a unique blend of workbooks, specialized role playing and real case studies from the client’s organization to optimize their training
  • Trainers demonstrate a command of the methodology and effectively delivers the methodology through real world examples, industry examples and best practices
  • Custom case studies relating specifically to clients lead to a lot of interaction and  discussion
  • Role playing facilitates participants’ understanding of each step in real world scenarios
  • Information provided in training was highly relevant and immediately actionable
  • Trainers tailor the case studies and role plays based on the unique demographic needs of the clients, trainers design material for specific geographic locations and company cultures


  • Trainers portray exemplary coaching experience and mastery over the methodology
  • Training is easily transferred to front-line managers to provide ongoing coaching and mentoring
  • Trainers possess best-in-class teaching and coaching experience

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