Selling with Insights

Selling with Insights sales training program provides sellers with advanced-level skills that allow

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Selling with Insights


According to a study conducted by PeopleMetrics, Sales Professionals Who Prepare and Deliver Meetings of High Value to a Buyer Win Deals 3.6 Times more than their Peers.

Critical Issues Facing Sales Reps 

  • Differentiating and creating value in their selling efforts
  • Integrating the use of insights in customer dialogues
  • Crafting tailored insight messages 

Sell More Effectively by Selling with Insights 

Richardson’s Selling with Insights® program provides sellers with advanced-level value selling skills that allow them to know when and how to leverage insights in strategic dialogues with customers. In order to think like a business executive and connect their capabilities to the customer’s high-level business issues, sellers must identify potential blind spots in the customer’s thinking where they can provide insight, and create value for the buyer. The value based sales training program develops their ability to become the point of differentiation and bring relevant insights and ideas to create value in the buying experience rather than just in the solution the seller delivers.

Richardson's Selling with Insights® is a two-day program that includes pre- and post-work, learning sessions, planners, coaching and a post-learning reinforcement tool, Richardson QuickCheck™. The value based selling program also incorporates Richardson's proven methodology which helps reps systematically tailor and communicate compelling insights that provide value and helps differentiate your company from the competition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Help clients validate, clarify, deepen, and reframe their thinking around how to address business issues (challenges and opportunities) in order to reach their goals and objectives
  • Differentiate the seller by bringing personal value to the client’s buying experience
  • Generate interest in the seller’s capabilities
  • Influence decision criteria to align to the seller’s distinct competitive advantage

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New - Complimentary eBook - Build Trust: A Customer-Focused Selling Approach
Build Trust eBook Selling with Insights is one way to build trust with your customers. Richardson's new eBook "Build Trust: A Customer-Focused Selling Approach" explores practical ideas to build, maintain and regain trust with your customers.


How Selling with Insights Differentiates You From the Competition


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