High Performance Selling

The High Performance Selling solution is a powerful combination of sales methodology and training.

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Increased deal scrutiny, higher customer consensus requirements, faster change, and wider availability of information characterize the changes in selling today. The result is longer sales cycles, more customer demand for time and attention, increased expectations from customers that you will understand and know their business, and extremely educated customers who leverage available information to be fully educated on both your products and services and your competitors' products and services. So how does your sales forces bring value, build customer loyalty, and navigate in this new selling environment?

Become the Highest Performing Sales Team in Your Market


Richardson's new High Performance SellingTM (HPS) is the next evolution of sales performance improvement solutions. It is a one-of-a-kind sales performance improvement solution that balances both the science and art of selling to provide a measured blend of both. It is based on best practices and current research about hos customers buy and consists of three key components:

  • Sales Process - the ability to follow a structured, consistent path and set of activities throughout the selling cycle.
  • Strategy - the culmination of decisions a salesperson makes to win an opportunity
  • Customer Dialogues - the skills needed to have productive customer interactions throughout each stage of the sales process

Richardson's High Performance Selling Drives Behavior Change & Accelerates Business Results


High Performance Selling - ProcessEach component of High Performance SellingTM are important to both the sales person - who wants strategies and skills to win deals AND sales managers - who want to ensure that their sales teams are following a customer-centric process to increase their probability of winning, and to improve the reliability of their forecast. Richardson's High Performance Selling includes five parts necessary to drive behavior change and accelerate business results including:

  • Process Consulting: Because we know that one size does not fit all, we work with you to validate, and if needed, modify the sales stages and the relevant activities in each stage to ensure the sales process fits your business.
  • Measures of Success: We work with you to identify the key measures of success at each stage of the process. These are "road signs" that indicate your customer is engaged and increasingly committed as the opportunity moves through the sales process.
  • Benchmarking: Using our award-winning diagnostic tools, we are able to determine if your sales team members have the right skills and are in the right roles to fully execute your process and strategy
  • Training and Skill Development: At the heart of the High Performance Selling Solution is a customized, multi-day training program. We enable the sales process at each stage of the training by providing the skills and models that even very experienced salespeople can use to have a "different" level of dialogue with their customers. These are the "How To" transition from a product centric discussion to a more "business value" discussion where the customer shares their business objectives and problems and the salesperson relates solutions to those problems. Our approach has always been "consultative" and "customer-focused" and foster long-term relationships.
  • Coaching: we provide your managers with a coaching process and skills that allow them to coach directly to the measures of success rather than to typical sales activities.

Why Richardson's High Performance Selling Training is Different


High Performance Selling is the next generation of performance improvement solutions that will help you and your team to:

  • Refine or rebuild your sales process
  • Align your sales stages, activities, and measures of success directly to your customer buying process
  • Embed deal strategy and dialogue skills throughout the stages of your sales process
  • Leverage your existing best practices
  • Sustain behavior change by using CRM tools and coaching to ensure adoption and performance on-the-job

Business Benefits


By participating in High Performing Selling, you can expect:

  • Better alignment with your customers' new buying patterns
  • High sales force productivity
  • Improved efficiencies by reducing the overall cost of sales
  • The evolution of a consistent, customer-centric sales culture
  • Lind of sight into the activities and skills needed to advance your opportunities through the sales process

Audience & Delivery


High Performance SellingTM is customized to any level, from experienced salespeople and their managers to executive sales. Training is available in two and three-day classroom delivery (Richardson-led or Train-the-Trainer)