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Richardson develops customized training to help you build your strategic account management plan.

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It is easily 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer.

-Bain Consulting

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Strategic account management (SAM) refers to an organization's efforts to build, maintain, and grow relationships with clients in an effort to form lasting and mutually beneficial business partnerships. Strategic account management and development is a challenge facing many modern sales organizations. Specifically, they might struggle in areas including:


  • Strategically leading the Account Team through a deep understanding of a client’s business in order to identify value that the team could create with the client.
  • Bringing business insights to challenge the client’s thinking in order to generate opportunities to collaboratively create new value together. 
  • Communicating the value created and its overall impact on the client’s business in order to earn the right to expand within the client’s organization.


Combining Collborative and Strategic Account Management & Sales Dialogue Skills


There are a number of companies that offer training in strategic account management. But none have the depth, breadth, and ongoing effectiveness of Richardson’s Collaborative Account Development ™.

What makes us different? Our methodology focuses on both account planning and implementation, with an approach that blends three key components:


  • A strategic account management and development process that provides a clear line of sight into the activities needed to surface opportunities that can generate organic growth within the account
  • A value strategy that helps generate, deliver, and communicate value with customers and other stakeholders in the organization to expand the business
  • Dialogue skills to help account managers speak the language of their customers’ companies and industries so that they can communicate new insights and ideas to help their customers gain a competitive edge


At Richardson, we don’t just give you the theory and walk away. We work with you on the critical step of implementation so that you can execute your strategic account plan effectively, enter the customer’s buying cycle earlier, and both shape and create more opportunities with your largest customers.

With the dynamic nature of business today, circumstances can change on a daily basis. You can’t just create a plan at the start of the year and expect it to remain relevant weeks or even months later.


  • Has a new opportunity popped up?
  • Has a competitor gotten his foot in the door?
  • Are regulations changing that affect your customer?


The Richardson approach to Collaborative Account Development ™ prepares you to face such contingencies. To understand the “how” and “why” of revisiting your plan on a regular basis, and  to keep the relationship with your customer alive and growing. To develop a deep understanding of what their business will need to perform better. Our Collaborative Account Development ™ program helps your team turn account planning into a competitive advantage and learn to apply strategic account management strategies to create consistent, measurable value with key clients.

To learn more Feel free to email us at, if you have any additional questions or would like to set up a meeting to learn more about the Collaborative Account Development ™ solution.


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