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Master the critical aspects of building and driving high performing selling teams.

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Team Selling Training Programs

Team selling today is no longer required just for blockbuster business-to-business sales pitches. Whether you are in consulting, investment banking, or technology or are a financial advisor, home remodeler, or lawyer, pivotal meetings with clients and prospects now often involve more people — on both sides of the table. 

In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, “…the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases has climbed from an average of 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today.”

Significant technology advances in recent years have enabled customers to gain information about their options faster, and without you. In addition, economic instability, geopolitical concerns, corporate scandals, and public relations blunders have created mistrust and heightened attention to risk and return on investment. Clients now arrive at meetings and calls ready to give all of their stakeholders a voice and wanting to look behind the curtain to the people in your organization who will own the work after the sale.

Team Selling Training Program Description


Sell Like a Team Book

Richardson’s new Team Selling program - based on our book Sell Like a Team: The Blueprint for Building Teams That Win Big at High Stakes Meetings by author Michael Dalis - examines the critical aspects of building and driving high-performing selling teams. Click here for more info on Sell Like a Team


Business Benefits & Learning Objectives of Richardson's Team Selling Program


Team selling unlocks revenue by teaching sellers how to utilize their organization's resources to build the right team for a presentation and get those stakeholders working together to execute compelling pitches that add value for buyers and win business. Richardson's Team Selling program will help your organization:

  • Improve agility and win rates against tough competition at high-stakes meetings
  • Expand deal size and scope by leveraging cross-departmental capabilities
  • Maximize sales meetings throughout all stages to advance the pursuit of qualified deals
  • Elevate the customer experience via better alignment with multiple stakeholders within a selling squad

team selling program at Richardson

To achieve these business results, the program is designed to reach the following learning objectives:

  • Increase salesperson awareness and skill in building and preparing the right team for the right opportunity
  • Apply a process for building and leading highly effective, cohesive selling teams that are well-positioned for success at high-stakes meetings
  • Utilize a set of tools to foster exceptional teamwork, successful customer meetings, and winning outcomes
  • Explore ways within an existing culture to drive collaborative work across the organization
  • Apply team selling concepts and tools to a current challenging situation facing participants' own selling teams


Program Delivery


Team Selling is available as a facilitator-led workshop in a half-day engagement. 


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