Understanding Selling Challenges in 2017

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Richardson's annual survey of field reps, senior sales professionals, and sales leaders across industries aims to paint a clear picture of existing sales challenges and how they are evolving.

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Aligning Sales Competencies in Learning and Development

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Training Industry Inc. and Richardson conducted a study on how organizations across industries align their training initiatives with the the most desired competencies for sales professionals.

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Best Practices in Sales Coaching Across the Workforce

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Training Industry Inc. and Richardson conducted a study on how organizations across industries are supporting sales coaching, focusing on leadership alignment, communication plans and metrics in sales training strategy.

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2016 Selling Challenges Study

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The 2016 Selling Challenges Study uncovers the issues that sales professionals see in the year ahead that have the potential to interfere with achieving quota.

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2015 Selling Challenges Study

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Survey results on self reported challenges expected by field sales representatives, senior sales professionals,and sales leaders.

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Best Practices in the Design and Delivery of Sales Training Programs

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Training Industry, Inc and Richardson conducted a study to examine the programs and initiatives that organizations are using for sales training and to look for patterns in how these organizations draw on external expertise to assist in achieving performance goals.

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Strategies for Sustaining the Impact of Sales Training

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This report on a 2013 Training Industry, Inc. survey examines the differences in approaches used by organizations considered effective and organizations considered ineffective at sustaining sales training are emphasized. Results of these comparisons provide information that organizations can use to improve their own sales training programs and increase the duration of program impact on sales professionals' performance.

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Let's Make a Deal: Best-In-Class Coaching Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle

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Sales training is commonly understood to be a must-have component in managing quota-carriers. How do best-in-class enterprises take standard selling instruction to the next step?

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Keep on Training - Why Ongoing Sales Education Matters

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Lifelong learning isn't the kind of commitment that traditional, 20th century sales professionals tend to prioritize, but in a customer driven, always-on, highly competitive business environment, contemporary sales leaders recognize that training is better deployed less as an event, and more of a permanent lifestyle baked into their corporate DNA.

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Once is Not Enough: Why Sales Training Reinforcement is a Must Have

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It would be difficult to find a modern sales organization that does not provide training for their quota-carriers, and yet fewer than half take the additional step of serving up post-training reinforcement to support those lessons learned. This research report explores the performance results and business competencies of companies who emphasize sales learning not only as an event, but as a lifestyle.

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Train, Coach, Reinforce - Best Practices in Maximizing Sales Productivity

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Sales training remains one of the most consistently deployed enablers of sales effectiveness for business-to-business companies. Contemporary business development teams face dual pressures of increasingly well educated buyers and savvy aggressive competitors; as a result, top performers continue to provide increasing levels of both initial and follow-up training for their front-line sellers.

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