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It can take a nano-second to win or lose a sale. Cargill is now offering NanoSalesBooks™ podcasts that can help you make the most of every split second with your customer and win more sales.

Each NanoSalesBooks™is conveniently packaged as a 15-minute podcast with all the convenience of electronic delivery, including downloading of tools with each book. For general deployment tips and tricks, we've put together some basic information available here. PLEASE BE ADVISED that this is not a recommendation or suggestion for your deployment of the materialsm rather, these are ideas that have worked for others. Given the "personal" nature of your technology infrastructure, we can only provide the media and worksheets. Please speak with your technology team if there are any questions of deployment within your architecture.

Closing Time: Closing in any Economy 


Competitive Smarts: Outsmarting Your Competitors Every Step of the Way


Selling with Stories: Dialogues in 3D

The 60 Second You: Credentializing Yourself and Your Organization


Winning Sales Proposals: Making it Easy for Customers to Say Yes


Effective Coaching: In 4 Steps and 15 Minutes

 Effective Coaching

Feedback: Breakfast of Champion Sales Managers