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eBook: Growing Strategic Accounts Through Customer Co-Creation

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It’s common for sales leaders (and salespeople themselves) to look to their large, strategic client’s year after year to sustain or drive increased revenue performance. But the availability of options, decreasing customer loyalty, higher expectations and constant competitive threats are making forecasted business from your best customers anything but a certainty. Account growth strategies and plans all too often are isolated events and are missing one critical component – the buyer. An enterprise-wide, customer-centric approach to working with your strategic accounts is a mainstay of sales organizations who understand that markets change but your customers are always relevant.

growing strategic accounts ebook

eBook: Winning the Team Sale

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According to Harvard Business Review, “…the number of people involved in B2B solutions purchases has climbed from an average of 5.4 two years ago to 6.8 today.” Significant technology advances in recent years have enabled customers to gain information about their options faster, and without you. In addition, economic instability, geopolitical concerns, corporate scandals, and public relations blunders have created mistrust and heightened attention to risk and return on investment. Clients now arrive at meetings and calls ready to give all their stakeholders a voice and wanting to look behind the curtain to the people in your organization who will own the work after the sale.

Winning The Team Sale eBook

White Paper: Great Coaching is Counter-Intuitive

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Sales coaching is the key to improving the performance of the sales organization. It is the most important job a sales manager has. In Great Coaching is Counter-Intuitive, we outline practical ideas to drive sustained performance and growth through a pervasive coaching culture.

great coaching

eBook: Build Trust: A Customer-Focused Selling Approach

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Gaining the trust of your customers can drive long-term revenue for your organization. But, in a world where buyers are increasingly wary of salespeople and selling tactics, trust can be hard to gain and easy to lose. This eBook offers practical ideas for building, maintaining or regaining trust with your clients.

build trust

White Paper: The Future of Sales Training - Innovation for a Salesforce in Transition

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To engage today's learners, training has to be flexible, personalized, bite-sized, relevant, provide meaningful data, and be accessible on-demand across a wide range of platforms and devices.

the future of sales training- innovation for a salesforce in transition

eBook: Building a Consistent Sales Process

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There are two things that unite virtually every sales organization: 1) the desire to improve sales performance and 2) achieving results as quickly as possible. Organizations who want to succeed in sales can use the sales process as a blueprint for rapid behavior change.

building a consistent sales process

eBook: Building Rapport to Create Valuable Customer Relationships

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People are complex beings who often draw on emotions more than logic, knowledge, or intellect when making connections with others. There's a dynamic - changing energy or chemistry that passes between people. This is the basis of building rapport.

building rapport

eBook: 5 Tips on How to Use a C-Level Executive in a Sales Meeting

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C-level executives, when coached skillfully, can be a great asset and turbocharge a sales meeting. Here are five tips for leveraging a C-level executive in an effective sales call, pitch, or client meeting.

using a c level executive in a sales meeting

eBook: Becoming an Effective Sales Coach

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A sales manager's most important job is coaching. An effective coach can accelerate learning, change behavior, and boost the performance of both individuals and the entire sales team.

becoming an effective sales coach

eBook: A Guide to Measuring Sales Training Effectiveness

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Before implementing any training program, you need a baseline. This helps establish where you're at now, and make sure that you get to your ultimate destination, with all employees improving their skills and adopting the desired behaviors.

guide to measuring sales training effectiveness

eBook: Rolling Out A Successful Global Training Initiative

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The need for a consistent sales process across domestic and foreign subsidieries is clear. To achieve this, global companies need to implement a sales training program that brings the same skills, methodology, and process to those who work with or support customers around the world.

global training initiative

eBook: Best Practices in Negotiations

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Successful negotiations don't always mean winning or one side trumping the other. Win-Win negotiations are desireable and possible.

best practices in negotiations

eBook: Becoming a Trusted Advisor Can Earn You a Seat at the Table

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The buying process is evolving, only those who are transactional sellers in a transactional business or those who become trusted advisors have the ear of the right buyers and can move deals through the pipeline effectively. Trusted advisor status can't be claimed, it has to be earned - and the only opinion that matters is the buyers.

trusted advisor ebook

White Paper: Richardson's Sustainment Framework

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Based on Richardon's more than 30 years of experience and research, we believe that effective behavior change occurs in three phases; planning, development, and sustaiment.

sustainment framework

Article: Getting the Message Right: The First Step in Effective Change Management

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The first step in an effective change management process is for leadership to get the message right. And the way to do that is to try to connect what each person's role in the change is back up to the highest-level.

effective change management

Infographic: Social Media Practices - What NOT To Do

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Social media can be a powerful prospecting tool, but using it incorrectly can lead to fatal mistakes. This infographic shares some actions to avoid when engaging with prospects on social media.

social media best practices

White Paper: Characteristics of a World-Class Sales Onboarding Program

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All the time, money, and effort that go into hiring sales employees can be wasted if the right program isn't in place to bring them on board quickly.

sales onboarding program

eBook: The Roadmap to Scalable and Sustainable Sales Transformation

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Insights into how leading firms are reengineering their long-term strategies to respond to shifts in the buying process.

scalable and sustainable sales transformation

White Paper: Driving Sustainable Change in Your Organization

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Training is a human capital centric, value creation process. Unfortuanately, when training is treated as a one time event, participants have been shown to lose up to 87% of skill and knowledge within 4 weeks. This "brain-drain" needs to be dramatically reduced and significantly reversed in order for companies to optimize their investment in behavior change.

driving sustainable change in your sales organization

White Paper: Sales and Marketing Integration

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How You Can Improve The Close Rates of Your Early-Stage Pipeline Opportunities. Both sales and marketing need to work together to turn responders into leads and leads into opportunities.

sales and marketing integration

White Paper: Selling With Insights

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The use of insights at the right time and in the right way can truly help a seller differentiate themselves, drive business outcome-based discussions, and create a sense of urgency in the buyer. But insights are neither a panacea nor a silver bullet. Organizations who successfully adopt an Insight Selling approach did so because they were award of the risks and were proactive about managing them.

selling with insights whitepaper

White Paper: Teamwork in Selling

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Results of a 2015 survey gauging the frequency and common practices that are connected to team selling, in which two or more colleagues team up for a sales meeting.

teamwork in selling white paper

White Paper: Creating a Culture for Coaching

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All of the training in the world cannot "fix" the larger issue at stake for most organizations - that there is simply little to no reinforcement of that training. This white paper dispels the common myths associated with sales coaching that often lead to a lack of investment in the coaching process in a sales organization.

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White Paper: Content Marketing: How the Marketing Team Should Work With Sales

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Most companies are using content marketing, but only a few report that they find it effective. The tips in this white paper will help you learn how to better align marketing and sales to optimize a content based marketing approach.

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White Paper: Six Key Account Best Practices to Help Execute Your Sales Strategy

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Successful sales leaders build their reputations on meeting or exceeding target revenue goals each year. Many sales leaders, however, fall short of their annual “number." More often than not, the defining difference between success and failure comes down to sales strategy. This white paper offers six best practices you can leverage with strategic accounts to achieve annual sales success.

6 Key Account Best Practices to Execute Your Sales Strategy white paper thumbnail

Article: Death By Facts

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You know the look. I’m the client. You’re seated across the table from me. In response to my question or request, you’ve begun laying out the details behind a brilliant idea that you are convinced will help my organization. The problem is, the deeper you go into your solution, the more and more disengaged I become. At first,there’s some eye contact, polite nodding, and the occasional grunt of acknowledgment. Then, I begin looking at my watch and longingly at the door as I plan my escape. What you hear appreciation and agreement to your proposed next step is, in fact,an end to our discussion so that I can get back to my real work —and sincere doubt about whether I will subject myself again to this “death by 1,000 facts.”

Death by facts in sales

Article: The Lighter Side of Selling Part I

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Selling has always involved travel and salespeople have some of the best travel stories to share. Richardson conducted a survey and asked people to share their best travel stories while in the field.

 The Lighter Side of Selling Part 1

Article: The Lighter Side of Selling Part II

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Richardson presents, The Lighter Side of Selling: Part II, as a sequel to our previous survey about Sales “Travel” Stories. We have compiled twelve stories, experiences, and anecdotes detailing actual events that have happened during a sales meeting. Embrace yourself!

 The lighter side of selling part 2

Article: Prospecting: Getting Past Voicemail

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“If you are calling to sell me X, don’t hold your breath for a return call.”Reaching a prospect is not easy. Learn from an interview how to improve your telephone prospecting.

thumbnail for article Sales Prospecting - Getting past voicemail

Article: Regaining Trust

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At some point during the 2007-09 financial meltdown, something changed in our client relationships. An immovable object formed between the client and us, and it grew larger and heavier during this period. Exactly why this object grew, and how we should deal with it, illustrates the complexities of rebuilding relationships during times of pressure —especially exiting the recession. For the financial services professional, moving the immovable object represents the process of regaining client trust, which is essential if we are to succeed in growing key relationships and insulating them from increasingly aggressive competitors.

Regaining Trust in Sales Article Download - thm

Article: Sales Leads: The Good, The Bad, The Opportunity

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Clearly, leads may take many forms and be classified on many levels. Marketing automation tools like Genius, Marketo, Eloqua, and others that track user movements and visits to websites make the collection of leads a snap. Yet, knowing what to do with these various names and pieces of information and aligning them within a company’s sales process can be remarkably complex.

Sales leads and opportunities

Article: Tweet Sales Success

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Using social media in the sales process to accelerate revenue is a hot topic, but it requires an expert balance of art and science. Richardson will share three steps to generate high quality leads with Twitter. They’ve converted me from a Twitter skeptic to enthusiast.

tweet for sales success article thm

Article: Using Verifiable Outcomes

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“Verifiable outcomes” is a concept pioneered by companies like Microsoft and IBM in the 2000s to establish criteria for improving the quality and performance of the sales pipeline. At its core, verifiable outcomes are those few tangible things sales leaders can manage in order to gain insight into the accuracy and quality of their teams’ forecasts.

verifiable outcomes in the sales process thm

Article: Win-Loss Reviews: Six Simple Steps for Better Strategy Execution

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Winning is great and losing hurts! Every sales opportunity, whether won or lost, has useful nuggets of information that can be harvested and used to improve performance. When those pieces of information are aggregated, analyzed, and made available for all to use, the organization’s competitive position is greatly enhanced.

Win loss reviews in the sales process article thm

White Paper: Easy Impactful Social Media Activities to Support New Business and Account Growth

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Easy Impactful Social Media Activities to Support New Business and Account Growth is a comprehensive eBook that provides 12 easy tips to integrate social selling activities into your sales process.

Impactful social media activities for sales professionals thm

White Paper: Strategic Dialogues Prove To Be Important Factor in Closing a Sale

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With the availability of information about a company’s products and services, customers are demanding more from salespeople than information — customers want insights. Salespeople must prove that they know the customer’s business and can help the customer to create value. One of the best ways to provide evidence of competence in the customer’s business is through strategic dialogue.

 strategic dialogues in closing sales

White Paper: Selling With Insights eBook

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Selling with Insights shares tips on how to shape and create opportunities to avoid marketplace commoditization and clearly provide value in your sales dialogues.

selling with insights thm

Article: Front Line Managers As Change Agents

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Training is a human capital-centric, value-creation process. Unfortunately, when sales training is treated as a one-time event, participants have been shown to lose up to 87% of skill and knowledge within four weeks. This “brain drain” needs to be dramatically reduced and significantly reversed in order for companies to optimize their investment in behavior change.

Front Line Manager as Change Agent Article

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