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Collaborative Account Development Methodology

Richardson’s Collaborative Account Development™ (CAD) solution is a methodology that enables Account Managers to create consistent, measurable value with their key clients. Through a powerful combination of process, strategy, and dialogue skills, Account Managers co-create value with their clients, resulting in increased alignment between their own and their client’s organization. Central to this methodology is the ability of Account Managers to move beyond understanding client needs to generating value for their clients by bringing insights and expertise and collaboratively identifying innovative ways to achieve both their financial and client relationship objectives.

Account management has traditionally been a once-a-year event. Account plans tend to focus on short-term, known opportunities and are structured to minimize client participation. Often, account plans are created with no formalized process for ongoing client input; this results in an account plan that wastes time and effort, ultimately ending up in a drawer. Richardson’s CAD methodology includes a targeted planning component and focuses on the execution of the plan through collaboration both with the internal team and with the client.

Account managers work with the client through three phases of account development:

  • Explore — Leading the Account Team through a deep understanding of the client’s business in order to identify value that the team could create with the client
  • Execute — Bringing business insights to challenge the client’s thinking in order to generate opportunities to collaboratively create new value together
  • Evolve — Communicating the value created and its overall impact on the client’s business in order to earn the right to expand within the client’s organization

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