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Richardson is dedicated to helping organizations around the world to improve their sales performance

There’s no app for winning the sale

Sales are made by people to people. Technology and tools can keep the process on track, but even the coolest app is no match for the ability to clearly articulate value, eye to eye. The problem is most salespeople don’t have the skills or confidence to initiate compelling conversations with customers, and that results in lost opportunities and missed sales quotas

Richardson gets to the heart of the matter through customized programs that develop salespeople in two crucial areas for success:

1)      Engaging in the right sales activities
2)      Conducting compelling customer dialogues

Together, these elements form the core of the Richardson Sales Effectiveness System

STEP 1 – We DEFINE key sales success drivers and focus on improving those few that matter most.

STEP 2 – We DEVELOP people through customized sales training that keeps them focused on the right things and able to change the nature of customer conversations.

STEP 3 – We DRIVE accountability, change, and business outcomes through sustained improvement in sales force productivity and performance.

Richardson helps salespeople break through the challenges of an increasingly complex selling environment to engage customers in meaningful ways. Dialogue skills are honed  on several levels, incorporating the emotional intelligence necessary to understand, express, and respond appropriately to the customer’s emotions – and the salesperson’s own emotions.

Dialogue matters, as we’ve found in our own Voice of the Customer surveys. In more than 80% of wins, customers have given our salespeople the highest ratings in categories of “knowledgeable” and “consultative” – proof positive as predictive drivers of sales success.

At Richardson, we develop truly customized programs that change behaviors and provide measurable results. From assessing talent and developing sales teams through verifiable outcomes, coaching, and reinforcement, we employ effective learning methodologies that draw on the best of interpersonal interactions and digital technologies.

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