Richardson - The Power to sell

Define Sales Process

Richardson understands the complexities of today’s changing sales environment and works with clients to align the new realities with predictive measures of their success.

Achieving a state of Readiness involves a measured approach to mapping an effective sales process, identifying leading indicators of performance, and helping field professionals to move successfully through the sales pipeline.

  • Sales Process & Methodology

    We dig into the details of success stories. We review and challenge your existing best practices. And we layer in best practices from other high-performing companies.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    We look for leading indicators of performance – true verifiable outcomes – that can provide immediate visibility into the status, quality, and confidence of an opportunity in the sales pipeline.

  • Pipeline Management

    Pipeline management is all about the relentless application of the sales process. What allows sales leaders to track progress, and make course corrections, are the verifiable outcomes that have been identified for each stage of the process.