Customized solutions drive behavioral change. Through customization Richardson is able to capture and share your knowledge and best practices across your sales team and reinforce your strategy. We leverage our proprietary customization process to ensure our solutions support your objectives and have maximum impact on improving performance. Our customizing process minimizes the time needed from your professionals. We provide a Lead Design Consultant, supported by a senior team of Customizing Consultants with the training and business experience needed to effectively and efficiently grasp and compile the information needed to customize your programs and tools for each of your audiences to ensure the program(s)’ agenda, modules, cases, exercises, and drills drive change by meeting the needs of each of your audiences.

Stages in our six- to eight-week Customization process include:

  • Initial Meeting/Project Kickoff

  • Development of Implementation Plan

  • Customizing Stages
    - Senior Manager Interviews
    - Optional Survey of Representative Sample of Participants
    - Review of Your Existing Tools, Systems, and Current Initiatives
    - Development and Presentation of Written Customizing Summary and Design  Recommendations
    - Development of Customized Cases, Exercises, Drills, and Sign-off and Customizing of Core Modules
    - Tailoring of the Modules in the Handbook, Prework, and Model Invitation E-mail

  • Trainer Preparation/Seamless Knowledge Transfer to Senior Training Consultants

  • Design Management Activities and Execution Plan — Conference Calls, Walkthroughs, Reviews, and Pre and Post Pilot Meetings